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Planning before starting any project is very important especially as it will help ensure that your money will be spent wisely. The Design process and concept sketches will lead to ideas being generated and help identify what the client requires from their outdoor space. Visualisations/perspective drawings will give a very good idea how the new finished outdoor space can look following construction and planting.

A wide range of hardworks and softwork project work can be completed to a high degree of finish. Other professionals can be included in the team if specialist work such as electrical, plumbing or arboricultural work is required.

A maintenance service can be provided to keep your outdoor space looking neat and tidy throughout the year. A low maintenance garden can be achieved over time with planning and careful choice of layout and planting material.
Occasional service can be also provided for existing gardens

Advices and ideas
If you have a garden already, and would like to add something special or make improvements, we will be happy discuss and  advice what options could be explored. So be ready for new ideas !. This can range from re-arranging the plants in a bed, adding new plants or getting rid of some ( less is more) screening from neighbours or opening view to wider landscape.

Permaculture is designing approach to sustainable land use that promote self sufficiency. It is how use and manage available and sustainable natural resources to provide food, energy and shelter. How to deter slugs from your vegetable beds, how to hot water from your compost and a lot more. We would be happy to discuss this concept and how it can be introduced even into the urban environment.

We are based on the Southside of Dublin but we would be glad to consider projects in the Greater Dublin Area.

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